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Speak to a Registered Nurse or

Board Certified Doctor  24/7/365

Speak to a Registered Nurse or

Board Certified Doctor  24/7/365

24/7 Medical Consultations


Individual who have access to LiveCare Clinic as a benefit through group coverage, simply call a toll-free number where their call is answered by one of our friendly Health Service Specialists. The Health Service Specialist takes down their basic information and forwards the call to a nurse who triages their call and refers the individual's to the most appropriate method of care. This could be Home Care Advice, Primary Care Physician, Urgent Care Clinic, Emergency Room or one of our special telemedicine Physicians who are on call 24/7/365. Our telemedicine physicians are then able to consult with the patient by telephone or video whichever the individual prefers. It is that easy.


The secure web portal facilitates electronic prescriptions and communication among clinical personnel, care-givers, patients and their authorized family members.


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LiveCare Clinic: Leading the Way

LiveCare Clinic is a joint venture between two established leaders with over 20 years combined experience in the healthcare industry. Both Leaders are URAC accredited.